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Rockstar and Espresso Beans

10 September
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I am random, hyper, spontaneous, unique, eccentric, and klutzy (I walk/trip into: doors, walls, windows, polls, trees, myself, etc..), I dance in the car, stores, as I am walking; sometimes I break out in a random song or laugh for no reason... wow I basically just described my life as a musical.. eeps...

I wear my heart on my sleeve and always see the greater good in everyone. I will always be there for you, even If i don't know you, I will drop everything in an instant and do all that i can to help you any time you need. I try to always make the best of any/every situation I am in, and am pretty much am a "fresh breath of a Hallmark card" (as said by friends).

I have been told that I am "a wind up toy that is always wound up" and that my superpower IS the internet, because I am full of random facts/information and I am a contortionist of sorts *wink wink*.

I am a nerd/geek, I play video games ( i even own a video arcade machine). I like going ghost hunting especially in abandoned buildings. I play the banjo and piano. I love to read and like going to drive-in movie theaters, museums, zoos, and art galleries.

Penguins are my favorite animal...ever.

I work for Fuel TV's Music Department doing contracts, licensing, and royalties/